A Furry Special Life with Maple

Meeting for The First Time

Taya’s birthday was coming, and she wanted a frog as a gift. Her parents did their homework but decided they could not get Taya a frog because it isn’t the most hygienic pet at home. Instead, her dad proposed to surprise Taya with a dog.

So, off the family went to SPCA. They were shown a female puppy they played with and got along with immediately.

After their first visit, Bre consulted a veterinarian to ask about their pet’s needs. SPCA told them they could pick up the puppy in 48 hours, so the family diligently prepared everything their pet needed.

According to Lily, SPCA named the dog Bonnie, but the family didn’t like her to go with that name. They agreed to name her Maple Sugar instead because they all missed Canada while staying in New Zealand.

Fast forward, and Maple has been with the family for months. During this period, the family learned so much about their new family member—amazing things they never thought a dog could do.

Taya has been Maple’s trainer, and they do tricks like “Bang and play dead” and rollover.

There was this one time when Bre needed to leave for work. She was in the middle of treating a patient when she heard a dog barking outside. She thought it was their Maple but thought twice because she knew Maple was supposed to be at home. Many more barks later, Bre decided to go outside to check for herself. To her surprise, Maple sitting outside without her collar. The family soon learned that Maple jumped out a basement window and over the fence that was supposed to keep her in. However, the family never knew how the dog found Bre’s office and how Maple even got there.

Maple also seems to know her way around the car. On one occasion, Bre was out to shop, so she left Maple in the car, with the window partly open to let the air circulate. Around five minutes inside Home Depot, Maple barged inside and came running around looking for Bre. The staff were chasing the dog until they asked Bre if the dog was hers. She said yes, and she didn’t have any clue how Maple got out in the first place. It seems like the dog wiggled her way out just to find her mom.

It’s unconditional love, and they are always happy to see you. You come from your work, and she gets up, runs at the door, and gives you a wag with her whole body.


Without any doubt, Maple adds color to the life of the family. The dog loves to dive under the blanket and regularly sleeps between her mom and dad under the covers. She also loves walking and playing with the three kids. Whenever she sees anyone sitting on the couch, she goes right to them and sits on their lap.

Maple knows how to warm the hearts of each family member. Bre, her husband and children believe that Maple’s closeness to humans can be explained by her being bottle-fed when she was still a puppy. But regardless of the reason, everyone would agree that Maple gives them a furry special love and affection.

Rescue dogs all just love to be cuddled, and they want to play with you all the time.


Taya and Lily recommend adopting dogs from SPCA. According to Taya, she knows many SPCA-adopted dogs, and they are all very sweet. These animals’ difficult experiences before adoption probably make them more loving, sweet, and affectionate to humans. However, Taya says an owner needs to exert extra effort and attention to train these dogs and to help them get used to the family.

They are very friendly, but you have to teach them.


Now away from home, the family couldn’t wait to go home and see how Maple would react and how much she missed the family.

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