It All Started With a Dance

Together Four Years, Engaged for One

Hana and Jean Maurice

Victoria, BC

Hana had not been out with her girlfriends for quite some time and they decided to go to a nightclub where they could dance. Jean Maurice lived about an hour and a half away and was visiting some friends who took him out. Hana saw Jean Maurice and mentioned to her friend that she thought he was cute. Her friend, being a good wingman, went over to Jean Maurice and suggested that he ask Hana to dance with him. He asked for her phone number and texted her later that night. The next morning Hana called him.

A week later, they had their first date–dinner at the Cactus Club followed by a nice walk on the beach.

There was no particular moment when Jean Maurice decided that Hana was the one. Over the course of a year and a half of dating, they discussed their likes and dislikes. Hana liked going to the gym which was really important to Jean Maurice as this is really an important part of his life. Hana likes to travel and he doesn’t love to travel but he thought okay he could do that for her. They both had children and Jean Maurice’s daughter, Olivia was just 11. Olivia is very protective of her dad and if she didn’t like you, she would let you know. Hana passed the Olivia test and over the course of time, they fell in love.

Hana knew he was the one because of the effort he made to come and see her. For over a year, they lived in two different cities–an hour and a half apart. Jean Maurice came out every weekend and sometimes he would even come during the week and leave early in the morning to get to work on time. There was no specific event where she decided he was the one, she just knew about a year into the relationship that he was the one for her.

Jean Maurice asked Hana to celebrate their third anniversary in a particular restaurant in Nanaimo. As they were driving, Hana looked over and saw her son and daughter were next to them on the highway and she thought that was odd. When they pulled into the parking lot, she saw some of his friends park as well. That’s when she realized he had invited people to celebrate their anniversary with them. They had dinner and visited with their friends and then Jean Maurice stood up and made a very romantic speech about their relationship and proposed. Jean Maurice said he wasn’t nervous. “I never get nervous,” he said. Hana’s biggest surprise was the speech he made–as long as she’d known him he wasn’t the person to stand up and speak.

Their wedding plans were put on hold because of covid but they have ready to get planning again.

Hana said that when they have problems they don’t run away from them. They stick through any disagreements and work through everything.

Jean Maurice, who was born in Haiti, jokes that,

We put up with each other. We come from two different worlds and culture but at the end of the day, we like each other and care for each other.

Jean Maurice

Jean Maurice takes his life and work seriously, but when it comes to play his whole perspective changes and he is a big kid. Some people might judge him for this while Hana takes him for who he is. It’s important to accept your partner for who they are rather than trying to change them.

Broadcast Love wishes Hana and Jean Maurice all the best as they begin their life together as a married couple.

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