Sometimes Sneaking Out Is Worth It

Lindsay and Cole

Lindsay and Cole disagree as to when they first met. Cole knew of Lindsay through a mutual cousin. They are not related–they checked and the relation is through marriage on both sides. Lindsay says they met initially when they were both at a house watching a movie in Pilot Mound (my home town). Lindsay claims Cole left early because he was in high school and had a volleyball game the next morning. Lindsay friended Cole on Facebook and they had an extended conversation. Cole had no recollection of meeting Lindsay nor of their Facebook conversation until Lindsay retrieved it and showed it to him.

Their second encounter occurred when Lindsay, who is my niece was visiting her Grandma, my Mom, in Pilot Mound and ended up at Cole’s high school graduation party. As a lifeguard, he knew first aid and someone pulled him aside and asked if he could assist Lindsay. Cole said she was showing off for the boys playing volleyball and scraped both her knees. He took her down to the basement of the skating rink and rinsed off the blood and sand, dried off the scrape and put peroxide and a bandaid on and then left. They didn’t meet again for four years. Lindsay went to Vancouver to study and Cole went to Lethbridge and Saskatoon to study. However, Cole likes to refer to this incident as the time he planted the seed.

Lindsay went back to stay at her Grandmother’s house in Pilot Mound to visit with both her Grandma and my daughter, Nicole who was visiting. Lindsay went for a hot tub with some friends and Cole was there. They then went to the bar–Cole made sure that Lindsay was in his car and Nicole met up with them. After the bar closed, Cole invited them to his “house” which turned out to be a 1976 motor home in his Mom’s backyard with no heat. It was February in Manitoba, Canada where temperatures hover around -20 Celsius. In a game of truth or dare, Lindsay had no choice but to kiss Cole. They were frozen and covered in blankets but that didn’t stop them from staying out until 4:00 a.m!! My Mom was waiting for them and was rather upset–she was ready to call the police. The fact that they were both in their twenties did not stop my mom from grounding them for the rest of the week. After that night Cole went to add Lindsay on Facebook and realized that they were already friends and had had a length conversation.

Cole asked his Mom the next day for advice about how he could attract Lindsay and she said, “Don’t bother, she can have anyone she wants and I don’t want you to get hurt. You aren’t really worthy of her–maybe you would be if you became a cop.”

A couple of nights later, Lindsay and my daughter Nicole devised a plan. They were sharing the guest bedroom and they decided to stuff a pillow in the side of the bed where Lindsay was supposed to be sleeping. Nicole remained at home while Lindsay snuck out after her Grandma went to bed. A car was waiting for her down the street where the lights wouldn’t shine in her Grandma’s bedroom window.

To spend a bit of extra time with Lindsay, Cole agreed to drive Lindsay and Nicole back to Winnipeg which is about a two hour drive. Cole was on his way to Saskatoon for school. He would drive back to Winnipeg every couple of weeks to visit Lindsay in Winnipeg. Cole moved back to Winnipeg and lived in the same apartment building as Lindsay who was living with her Mom. Eventually Cole moved in with them and when Lindsay’s Mom moved out, Cole stayed.

They joke that it’s been four years and they’re still not sure. Cole says he knew when they were visiting his family and his little sisters were calling Lindsay his girlfriend. He asked Lindsay if she was okay with that and she said yes.

At the time of their interview, Cole had just found out he had been accepted to train for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)–Canada’s equivalent to the FBI. Cole has since graduated. As the two of them were driving out to Cole’s first placement as an RCMP officer, they stopped to stay at a resort and Cole asked Lindsay to marry him. They were married the following year.

Lindsay says communication is really important. If you want to put that to the test, buy a camping trailer that is pulled on the back of your vehicle and have your spouse help you back it up into a camping spot. I could relate to this as I have had that pleasure a couple of times with my Dad advising me and once my spouse–maybe that’s why I’m not a big fan of camping.

Cole’s advice related to spite. He said, “Don’t do things in spite–like eat the last two eggs for breakfast when you know your wife really wants them and there are other things you can have.” We have all been there before where our passive aggressive nature takes over and we do something in spite. It never works out for the best and usually escalates the initial issue.

Lindsay and Cole no longer need to sneak out to see one another as they are married and now have a beautiful little boy, Nate and a sweet dog called Harper. Broadcast Love wishes Lindsay and Cole many more years of happiness, outdoor adventures and stress-free camping trips.

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