Love Me Again

Sarah and Evert

Evert was born six and a half years after Sarah in their family home. Sarah was the first to identify that their new family addition was a boy and she was very excited to have a baby brother. From the get go, these creative siblings have had a connection developed through their nicknames for one another and their family members, and, the creation of comics built on each other’s characters. Sarah and Evert enjoy a variety of activities together–they have trained for a 10K race together, they go on walks and see movies and play lots of cards together. Most importantly, they have allowed each other to totally be themselves and love each other for who they are.

About five years ago, they went on a family trip to Portland during Easter and they spotted a giant Easter Bunny made of two pounds of chocolate called Big Binks in a grocery store. From that Easter Bunny, came their future nicknames–Big Bits aka Sarah, who is larger than life and Bits, aka Evert who is round and fat. When Sarah was little they called her Princess Monaco Betsy so they later changed her nickname to Betty. Their love of the letter B has expanded and all family members and close friends now have nicknames starting with the letter B including Beatrice, Berek, Bam, and Barry.

When Sarah did a student exchange in Singapore, Evert created a comic for her as a way of reassuring her about her trip and that he had not forgotten about her. Before Bits was part of the story, Bets sat around in the house and watched TV all day and her mom told her to go outside and loose some weight. Bets tried to leave and go to the gym but she got stuck in the doorway and they had to call in the fire department to help pull her out. Her fat would move but she wouldn’t and she just kept growing until she was a giant and broke the house. Betty was left standing there in the the ruins of the house and she was the biggest living creature on the planet. The next comic was about how the two of them met in The Land of Fat. In this one, Evert or Bits wasn’t really part of the family. He was standing in line at Tim Hortons, making his selection when Betty, this giant creature stepped through the ceiling and breaks the Tim Hortons and is eating people and crushing things in her path. Betty sees Bits not running from her but just looking up at her and she asks him, “Aren’t you afraid of me?” and he replied, “Not really.” They start talking and realize that they have quite a lot in common and that they are both misunderstood. Betty and Bits become friends in this world that doesn’t really appreciate them for who they are. They realize they are bigger than life when they are together and can conquer anything.

They rarely fight and if they do have a disagreement over simple things, it only last a few moments before Sarah apologizes and says, “Love me again.” Sarah hates getting mad at him and Evert gets mad at himself as well should they disagree.

Take the time to really get to know your sibling. It’s worth it–you may just find a best friend.


Sarah and Evert tell each other they love one another everyday. As adults they have gone off in different directions however, their love and support for one another is always there.

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