Love At First Bite

Dave and Carol

Married over 28 Years

Carol and Dave attended the same university and in 1985 they both attended a campus party. Carol saw Dave and said to him, “My best friend’s having a party next week, why don’t you come and bring some friends?” and Dave did. At Carol’s best friend’s party she walked up and offered him some “crisps” aka potato chips. Then she offered to show him a picture of her with long hair. He was smitten. Dave asked Carol if she would like to go for a drink sometime and Carol said Yes, let’s go next week and Dave said, No, I was thinking this week. He was very keen. Their first date was at the Shoulder of Mutton Pub. Not hard to guess where this couple is from.

There were several indications that Dave was smitten with Carol. Dave would come to Carol’s house and wait while she finished getting ready and Carol and her roommates would offer him tea. Dave didn’t tell Carol for months that he didn’t like tea because he didn’t want to be rude. Carol moved to Florida in the States to work at Disney World for six months and Dave came to visit her and brought the four friends who came to the initial party with him.

Carol jokes that Dave still doesn’t know if she’s the girl for him. The truth is Carol and Dave both agreed it was pretty much love at first site. They were only 19 but at some point within the first two to three months they both knew they would be together.

Carol would say I never asked her.


About five years into our relationship, Dave remembers asking her dad for his blessing to marry Carol. Dave was nervous but he said yes and from that point on the parents started planning the wedding.

Dave says Carol would say that over that length of time–five years, that they just arrived at the conclusion that they were getting married. Dave disputes this and claims he did ask her and they planned a romantic getaway in beautiful Chester, England–one of the best-preserved medieval cities in Britain. Carol chose her ring in Chester, making it official.

Dave says that communication is what makes them work and that you need to find things that you like to do as a couple and do them as often as possible. Dave and Carol go for walks almost every evening. They also enjoy travelling together.

Carol says you have to have fun together. You need to think of the bigger picture–remembering when your head’s down and your kids are driving you mad, you’ve always got each other and you have to invest in that relationship.

Carol and Dave, Broadcast Love wishes you many more decades of fun adventures together.

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