Go For It Ladies…..

Susan and Josh

I believe in listening to your inner voice and on Saturday, December 12, 2014 for Josh, his was singing, “You Walked In” by Lonestar when he saw Susan enter a local Irish pub with her friend to have dinner. He was in awe of her beauty. Newly widowed, Josh was having dinner alone and watching a hockey game while a band played in the background. As luck would have it, they sat only a few feet away from Josh. He waited until they were finished dinner and asked Susan to dance. He also asked her friend to dance and when the song was over, the band took a break so he didn’t have a chance for that second dance with Susan. Josh became engrossed in a conversation with the people next to him while still able to keep an eye on Susan over his shoulder.

Having Fun in San Fransisco

From Susan’s perspective, she caught a glimpse of a man who seemed to be returning the attention. She commented to her friend that she found him exceptionally handsome. Low and behold, he asked her to dance, and he asked her friend as well so Susan thought, “Oh, I guess he’s not that into me”. Then the band stopped and it was really busy and they decided to leave but not before Susan had a chance to grill their waitress, Chloe, about Josh. “You see that guy over there?” and she said yeah and Susan said, “Any red flags? Does he hang out here? Do you think he’s a nice guy? Have you ever seen him before? Can you tell me anything about him?” Chloe’s like, “Uh, nah. I think I might’ve seen him once but he seems nice.”

Having passed the waitress test, Susan decided that she had to make a move before they left. She got up her nerve and her business card and tapped Josh on the shoulder. Susan handed him the card and said “My friend and I are leaving now, and I just wanted to thank you for the dance and say we’re on our way and if you ever want to go for coffee, let me know” and Josh replied, “Sure will”. He still carries that business card in his wallet. A few days later, Josh called the number and they went on their first dinner date.

On their third date, Susan took Josh out to Butchart Gardens in Victoria at Christmas time. The gardens were magical and Josh was able to bring his dog with him which made it even better. This date sealed the deal for Josh. Susan had dated a couple of people casually and she knew immediately Josh was different. Right away she introduced him to her daughter and her family–something she hadn’t done before.

Unfortunately, Josh had planned to go on a two month holiday and they were both feeling a bit sad about being apart. Josh invited Susan to join him and they spent ten days together in February. When it was time for Susan to fly home, Josh dropped her off at the airport and started driving back to Victoria, arriving the day before Valentine’s. Only thing was, he had rented his home out until the end of February. Susan invited him to stay with her until the renters left at the end of February. However, he never left and they have been together ever since. It was a whirlwind romance.

Being a widower, Josh was a fervent believer that we are just here for a short time and love is too important to not give love or get love back. “So don’t hesitate. We’re in love and we know that I’m getting older and I might not be here one day, but it’s about being in love and respecting each other and enjoying each other’s company.”

Susan advised that if you find someone who you really connect with, “Go for it. Because I talked to other women who are single and they go “Oh, I can’t be bothered dating”, or they’re on some kind of dating website, and they give up on it and don’t even check the site.” Having said that, she also believes you have to be cautious if you’re connecting with people on line. She had rules about going for coffee first in a well lit shop. However, her first date with Josh was in a quiet, dark restaurant but it felt okay. Both Susan and Josh followed their intuition and the timing was right and now they couldn’t be happier.

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