From Awkward to True Love

Right Out of the Roaring 20’s

Nadia and Damian

A girl walked into a bar on her 28th birthday and thought, “Wow, this guy’s really interesting,” but “Oh, his friend looks cute too, so maybe I’ll make out with his friend.” In Nadia’s defense, she had been celebrating. The next day upon sober reflection with a friend, Nadia thought, “Oh, I remember what he was saying to me and he was a really nice guy. I should hook him up with my sister!” They lived right down the road from one another and Nadia thought he was a bit too old for her.

Nadia happened to have obtained Damian’s number. When Damian received the text he thought Nadia was texting his friend she made out with but Nadia wanted to find out what he was doing and could they maybe meet up in the next couple of days. “Yeah, that would be great” he texted back. They met up and as fate would have it Nadia’s sister was too tired to meet up right away and suggested she would meet up with Damian and his friends later. Nadia and Damian were by themselves at first and had a chance to walk and get to know each other. Despite what happened at the bar, Damian felt there was a strong connection right away. Nadia soon decided that she was keeping Damian for herself.

By the way, his friend was invited to the wedding.

Nadia knew right away that Damian was the one, but he was just like, “I didn’t know that right away!”. Nadia’s Mom was worried she might get hurt. In typical Mom fashion, she said, “Who’s this guy you’re going to see? You know, guys only want one thing!” Mom! Nadia knew that wasn’t the case with Damian.

Damian and Nadia lived in two different cities–Vancouver and Victoria. Damian had just come out of a relationship, so he wasn’t really ready to jump into another serious relationship. Having Nadia live in a different city gave him the space he needed. Damian knew a little less than a year into the relationship that she was the one.Nadia played it very cool and “pretended” she was coming over to see her sister who lived down the road and “Oh by the way should we get together and catch up?” However, after a few dates, the weekends turned into ski trips and once they spent five days together on a road trip to go snowboarding. There’s nothing like a few risky situations on snowboards to bring a couple together and after a year it got more serious and Nadia moved to Vancouver.

Unfortunately, Damian ruptured his Achilles tendon playing beach volleyball shortly after they moved in together. He ended up at UBC hospital and called Nadia and said “Hey, I’ve got bad news”. I literally can’t walk, I’m in a wheelchair, basically, for a while.” That led to Damian taking two and a half months off work, crutches and a wheelchair and Nadia was basically his nurse. Nadia was a real trooper and came in and really showed Damian what a true partner can be from the get-go which was pretty amazing for him. 

They then moved to Victoria after having bought a house site unseen–Damian taking on a new job and Nadia starting a business.

Damian had the ring for quite some time before the proposal. They talked about it for a long time. They were like, “We would definitely marry each other”. The year they moved back to Victoria, Damian was ready to pop the question, but with Nadia starting a business, his new job, and it being the first time they had ever owned a house together, there was a lot to figure out, and it was “kind of a stressful six months.” Damian wanted to get through that without popping a question and putting a wedding on top of all that “mess.” Damian said it was probably just his logical brain working in overtime.

They both knew it was going to happen. Damian had a plan but then he threw the plan out the window. They were heading home on New Years’ Eve Day from having spent Christmas with the family. They had some time before the ferry so they stopped at Lynn Canyon to go for a walk. The light was coming through the trees and the river was sparkling–it was just beautiful. Damian knew this was the spot. On the ferry they saw a pod of over two hundred dolphins–what a lovely sign. They got to celebrate both New Years’ Eve and their engagement with family and friends.

Communication was key for Nadia and Damian having gone through the moves and the achilles injury and new jobs.

Just let things happen and trust that things will work out. Nadia was not stressed out–she just played it cool and had the attitude “what happens, will happen.”

Damian stated, “We’re two different people and we argue and we’re both pretty stubborn people too, but I think we both get to a point where if we’ve had a disagreement, before we go to bed definitely, we reconcile whatever the difference is, or we put it aside. We don’t go to bed angry.”

Nadia and Damian also have a “relationship book” based on their birthdays and horoscopes which highlights their strengths and weaknesses. One of the things to watch for is to not take each other for granted. Nadia explained the book says we’re best in marriage and worst in friendship. Damian commented, “I still thing you’re my best friend.” Me too, said Nadia. Well there you go, maybe it means you need the bond of marriage sometimes to make the best of your friendship.

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