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Julie and Ben met online through a dating app called JSwipe. They went on their first date to a wine bar in the lower east side of Manhattan and had dinner and drinks. It went well, however, it was the second date where Ben realized how easy and natural it was to be together.

When Did You Know Banner

Ben knew Julie was the one when he took her home to Florida to meet his family and everything felt so comfortable. There was no particular defining moment for Julie just a gradual growth into a beautiful, natural partnership.

How Did Ben Propose

IMG_2389After a year and a half of dating, Ben proposed on the balcony of their hotel room in Florida.  He had arranged for a photographer and for Julie’s parents to be there so they could all celebrate together









The Wedding

When their large wedding plans had to be postponed due to Covid, they decided to stick to their original date—not an easy decision given that Ben’s parents wouldn’t be there in person. About fifty close family members and their bridal party attended a virtual live wedding thanks to Zoom on their original wedding day. All the guests received a video and pictures the next day.  They have rescheduled the party to September and if that doesn’t work, they also have a date late in 2021.

The Wisdom

Ben and Julie have already handled their first major challenge with grace. So, what makes Julie and Ben work so naturally together? Julie had this to say:

“We are our own people, but we are stronger together.  I’ve always been independent and Ben also likes to do his own thing – so we both have our own lives. We have our own friends, our own jobs and ambitions, and often – our own ideas of a fun Friday night. So, if I am making plans to go out, I know Ben will be happy to have a night home in sweatpants by himself. We LOVE to do things together and be together, but we also find happiness and fulfillment from things outside of each other. I think that is super important to sustain happiness. We also make a good team. Ben is cool, calm and collected. I am reactive, passionate and intense. When you put us together, we have the right amount of fire and ice. Lastly, I think we just have a level head (collectively) and try and put things in perspective. This whole ordeal has been challenging and emotional, but we are also able to realize that we still have each other and our relationship, which is, by far, the most important thing.”

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