The World Needs Your Love Stories


We recently launched on Instagram at As humans, our greatest common attribute is our capacity to love, and Broadcast Love is all about highlighting love. Broadcast Love provides uplifting love-inspired content for those who need it, those who love to listen to people’s stories, and those looking for relationship inspiration!

Broadcast Love started out as a mother’s response to a feeling of frustration and helplessness—what could I do to counteract all the hate that we hear about on the news. I was initially inspired by this father’s conversation with his young son about the terrorist attacks in France. It highlighted for me, the need to explain terrorism to children in a manner that reduces their anxiety.

Terrorist attacks and hate crimes are affecting a generation of children and how they view the world—making them anxious and fearful. I believe we have a responsibility to show them that there is more love than hate in the world. So, it’s with this thought in mind that I have started to record people’s love stories and broadcast them on social media.

Stories of love don’t always have to involve a romantic partner. Wonderful stories can also come from a relationship between a man and his dog, a child and their kitten, fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, and so much more!

My dream is that others will record their love stories and post them with the #broadcastlove and together we will create an international treasure trove of love. Please share your stories—the world needs them.

Email us at if you have other questions.

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